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Searching couldn't be easier. Simply enter your desired Specimen ID, and tube.tracker handles the rest. Advanced search features are available for the more complicated lookups.

Active Specimen Records

Search Results: Active Specimens

If any in-inventory specimens are found, tube.tracker search results show the Rack, Position, Entry Time, Container Location, and entering personnel for each specimen found. Clicking a specific result will provide Detailed Audit Logs for the selected specimen.

Search discarded specimens

Search Results: Discarded Specimens

Most people first consider tube.tracker's value in helping locate a specimen's location. We argue that sometimes, it's just as important to know if the specimen exists or not. Manually searching for a specimen that is not there wastes much more time. Unlike some other systems, tube.tracker maintains a specimen tracking information after that specimen has been discarded. If tube.tracker finds discarded specimens in your search, it will display the same information as an active specimen plus when the specimen was discarded and who did it. As with the active specimens, clicking a result will display Detailed Audit Logs for that specimen. This can be very useful for Chain-of-Custody testing.

Rack Search box

Search Racks

Should the need arise, enter a Rack ID and tube.tracker finds the rack location, type and expire date and time. Rack searching is especially helpful when tracking the transit of specimens between collection sites and a core lab.